App Development

From idea to launch, we’ll help you ideate, design, build, deploy, launch and market your app in the most cost-effective way possible, saving you time, money, and effort. Even more importantly, we’ll turn your app into a user acquisition machine. Ask us how.

App Development with OpsGuard

Make your application build easy, cost-effective, and salable

Build your application with confidence, knowing you will only have dedicated Senior Engineers bringing your idea to life. As one of the few language-agnostic agencies globally, OpsGuard™ will only recommend the technology and programming language that explicitly suits your app’s short and long-term goals. When you couple this with our propriety Appiphany™ process, you have a partner that delivers the best people and the best technology at the best price.

App Development Succeeds with OpsGuard™

Rapid, reliable app development is easy with OpsGuard™

When you partner with OpsGuard™ to develop your app, you receive dedicated Senior Developers that integrate you into their team. We also pair you with some of the best Product Owners on the planet to guide you in making customer-centric decisions that help lead to mass user adoption. Every app we build has exceptional documentation and thoroughly tested. OpsGuard™ doesn’t just develop outstanding software. We want every app we create to be as successful as possible, so we take care of everything from Ideation to Marketing. Just bring your idea, and we do the rest.

Exceptional App Developers at OpsGuard™

Build your application from scratch with an exceptional Development Team

We build your Dev team to match the programming languages and technologies best suited to the needs of your application. Need a Mobile App? We got you covered. Need a Web App? We also have you covered. Need a combination of both? Let us show you the fastest, most cost-effective way to achieve that. No matter how big or small your app might be, OpsGuard™ will take you on a journey towards success. We never take shortcuts and always deliver on our promises.

Some of our Clients

OpsGuard Client
OpsGuard Client

“OpsGuard’s team had our app built and up and running on time and budget. We were amazed at the quality of our app and loved the business and marketing support we received. We honestly believe without OpsGuard our app wouldn’t have been as successful”

Nick Pirrie – MetCode
OpsGuard™ App Development Guarantee

Receive immediate and long-term cost savings

At OpsGuard™, we take our clients’ budgets seriously. If you complete our proprietary Appiphany™ process, you can rest assured we will deliver the agreed scope in the timeframe and budget estimated. We also provide a 30 day warranty period on all app builds, which means if you find a bug after go-live, we fix it for free. When you work with us, you pay for quality and fast development, not idle time. Of course, we understand priorities change, so you can swap features of similar sizes at any time without increasing budget or delivery timeframes. As long as the development of that feature hasn’t started, you can exchange it. And with best practices adhered to and your app well documented, you’ll save time and money on any future developers who pick up your application. Now that’s how working with an agency should be.

Avoid slow, costly and inexperienced application delivery

Poorly written applications and software, no documentation, and a lack of expertise can cost more than just money. It can cost time, frustration, and place pressure on the most important people of all, your users. When you work with an OpsGuard™ Developer, you can be confident your application will be built to an extremely high standard. All OpsGuard™ Developers are rigorously tested as part of their recruitment. Only 3% of all applicants make the cut to wear the OpsGuard™ shield.

What could OpsGuard’s App Development do for your business?

Get your app to market faster to service your customers and drive business

Build your app in the language and technology that meets its short and long term goals

Devise your launch strategy and market your app to your ideal user ensuring user adoption

Deliver your app on time and budget thanks to our proprietary Appiphany™ approach.

Automate deployment pipelines and test scripts provided to maintain efficiency in future

Ready to employ developers? Allow any future developer to pick up where we left off with thorough documentation

Retain your OpsGuard™ Developer for the long term allowing you to provide continuous delivery of features to your users

Utilize the latest in cloud technologies to provide an exceptional user experience

OpsGuard™ Startup Program

Receive up to 50% off with our Startup Discount Scheme

Startups are full of innovation to make the world a better place. That’s why we’re so dedicated to helping them succeed.

If your startup qualifies, you’ll automatically receive significant Startup Discounts across our range of OpsGuard services (excluding App Workshops and DevOps-as-a-Service). These discounts enable you to receive the same expert, industry-leading service and support at a price that doesn’t break the bank.

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