App Discovery Workshop

Explore your concept or idea to clarify the best pathways to success.

Turn your ideas into reality

Explore your concept or idea with the experts in our App Discovery Workshop. Whether you’re creating a concept from scratch or adding elements to your existing tech, together we’ll map your journey and confidently set your project on the path to success while saving you guaranteed time, money and effort on your development.

Deep dive into your concept for ultimate clarity

In a 2-day collaborative workshop, we’ll sit (together or virtually) to analyse your app idea or software concept. By defining features and functionality, user types and required software solutions architecture, as well as your goals as they relate to your business and end users, we can provide clarity on exactly what you need to bring your idea to life.

Receive your comprehensive build bible

From our workshop, we’ll provide all the specifications of your software requirements in a detailed guide. Your Build Bible is complete with a story per feature that clearly defines the user, the designated outcome and the action required to achieve this. We’ll prioritise each feature of your concept into must have, should have and could have categories, so you know what you need as a foundation for your concept to succeed.

“This is an amazing process and we’re so glad we did it! The team at OpsGuard really know how to extract all the functionality we wanted in our app and challenged us on our priorities. If you’re considering building an app we highly recommend this process.” 

Angie Thorpe – Resilium

Save time, money and effort on your concept creation

With your App Discovery Workshop and comprehensive Build Bible, you’ll be armed with all you need to take your concept or idea to fruition. Clearly defined features and functionality provide a high likelihood of accuracy in quotes from development teams, help speed up the build with fewer unforeseen roadblocks, and sets you on your journey to get exactly what you need to succeed.

With a clear plan, you can map your journey to success

Rushing into developing a brand new concept or idea can be an expensive mistake. In your App Discovery Workshop, we’ll take the time to iron out any conceptual kinks, structure your technology and define your end users, their goals, and the exact functionality you need to get there. Without clarity, your concept could easily become lost, costing you time, money and effort.

What could an OpsGuard App Discovery Workshop do for your business?

Define the features and functionality required to bring your concept to life

Explore and refine your intended goals as they relate to your business and end users

Receive accurate quotes from development teams based on your Build Bible

Speed up your build by avoiding roadblocks in your development journey

Optimise your technology from the start through expertly defined solutions architecture

Ensure any new technology is compatible with your current infrastructure

Save money by using the most suitable and efficient software for your business

Build a scalable technology suite that grows when you do

Receive up to 50% off with our Startup Discount Scheme

Startups are full of innovation to make the world a better place. That’s why we’re so dedicated to helping them succeed.

If your startup qualifies, you’ll automatically receive significant Startup Discounts across our range of OpsGuard services (excluding App Workshops and DevOps-as-a-Service). These discounts enable you to receive the same expert, industry-leading service and support at a price that doesn’t break the bank.

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