CTO as a Service

Strengthen your business from its foundations with the strategic guidance of a virtual Chief Technology Officer.

Leave your technology on auto-pilot

Employing an experienced, strategic and visionary Chief Technology Officer is a critical element of growing a business. From defining and implementing your business’ growth journey to outlining the cost-effective technologies that get you there, a CTO’s impact is huge for a business of any size.

Technology that sets your business on the right path

You want your technology to work without thinking about it. With OpsGuard, you can get all the strategic thinking, technological experience, visionary minds and dedication of an in-house CTO, at half the cost of a full-time employee. Fresh, innovative ideas using modern and malleable technology will set you on a strong trajectory that meets your needs and invites business growth. And with a customer-focussed outlook, your reliable tech will make and maintain happy customers.

Our experience will save you time, money and effort

When you work with OpsGuard, you’ll have direct access to a collective 100 years of experience building businesses of all sizes across the globe. Blending our technology know-how and your industry knowledge, we’ll collaborate to find the best solution for you, your team and your end customer. As a start, you’ll receive a strong, stable and scalable technology framework that sets you up for success while saving you time, money and effort.

“Using one of OpsGuard’s highly Experienced CTO’s has without a doubt been one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. Their experience and knowledge as out Acting CTO have seen several high profile projects successfully delivered and our technology strategy is set for years to come.”

Cody Harmon – Cruz Money

We’ll take care of the tech

The intricacies of technology aren’t many people’s forte. We’ll project manage any technology development, proactively setting timelines, budgets and procedures in place. And by developing internal documentation, adhering to regulatory standards and reviewing security, what we set up together will keep running like clockwork. With your OpsGuard CTO, you can get on with your own job with the confidence your tech is taken care of.

Strengthening startups to SMEs

Whether you’re a startup or an SME, a good CTO can bring your business to the next level. By working with third party developers (or your very own team), we can help you reach your future goals while adhering to your current business needs.

Save time, money and create happy customers with the right technology

CTOs are hired to make big impact decisions that propel your business forwards. Unfortunately a bad CTO can do the opposite and cost your business time, money and customers. You deserve to feel confident your business’ technology is in capable, caring hands, so you can get on with your own job.

What could an OpsGuard Virtual CTO do for your business?

Utilise technology experience to help your business succeed

Strengthen your decision making on new ventures

Project Manage any technology development

Save time and money on projects with efficient and cost-effective solutions

Save money on long-term contractual hires

Garner innovative ideas for your business from industry experts

Boost organisational performance from staff productivity to customer satisfaction

Maximise new technology opportunities with confidence

Receive up to 50% off with our Startup Discount Scheme

Startups are full of innovation to make the world a better place. That’s why we’re so dedicated to helping them succeed.

If your startup qualifies, you’ll automatically receive significant Startup Discounts across our range of OpsGuard services (excluding App Workshops and DevOps-as-a-Service). These discounts enable you to receive the same expert, industry-leading service and support at a price that doesn’t break the bank.

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