DevOps as a Service

From employment to deployment, we’ll implement cost-effective and best practise DevOps processes to save you time, money and effort.

Make your application build easy, cost-effective and scalable

Choose between a dedicated DevOps Engineer to integrate seamlessly into your existing development team, or employ a dedicated OpsGuard DevOps Team to build your application from scratch. We’ll optimise your technology infrastructure and manage all build and deployment, plus any post-development testing and rollbacks required.

Rapid, reliable deployment is easy with a DevOps Engineer

Engage a dedicated DevOps Engineer to integrate into your development team and expertly oversee all deployment, deliver code quality assurance and uphold best practises. By implementing a Continual Development pipeline to automate software release processes, your development team can fix bugs and release new features fast, so you can better service your customers. And with thorough documentation, any developer in future can effortlessly pick up from where we left off, saving time, money and effort.

Build your application from scratch with an expert DevOps Team

After a thorough screening process, we carefully select your DevOps Team based on appropriate platform expertise. And with a DevOps Engineer to manage deployment, maintain best practises, produce thorough documentation and project manage the team, you can get on with your own job with the confidence development is taken care of. Plus, as an added bonus, if you want to employ our developers full time after completion – you can!

“OpsGuard’s DevOps team had our app provisioned and up and running in no time with all of our build and deployment pipelines running seamlessly. When they say you build the app we do the rest they mean it.”

Nick Pirrie – MetCode

Receive immediate and long-term cost savings

Save money on employing full time staff, with a flexible DevOps service tailored to your business needs. When you choose to engage an DevOps Engineer or full DevOps Team to fulfil your requirements, you’ll pay for quality and fast deployment, not idle time. With a dedicated DevOps expert taking charge of onerous deployment tasks, your developers can dedicate their time to building and testing features and functionality. And with best practises adhered to and documented, you’ll save time and money on any future developers who pick up your application.

Avoid slow, costly and inexperienced application delivery

Poorly written automated build and deployment scripts, no documentation and a lack of expertise can cost more than just money. It can cost time, frustration and pressure on your internal team. With an AWS guru embedded in your development team (or a full team of DevOps experts), as well as enhancing the team’s existing skill set, you can be confident your application will be as cost-effective and efficiently deployed as possible.

What could OpsGuard’s DevOps-as-a-Service do for your business?

Get your app to market faster to service your customers and drive business

Remove inefficiencies with a collaborative development team and DevOps expertise

Let your development team get on with what they do best

Employ DevOps as and when you need it, saving costs on full-time employees

Automate your deployment pipeline to maintain efficiency in future

Allow any future developer to pick up where we left off with thorough documentation

Option to employ your developer full time after project completion to reduce inefficiency

Smoothly transition your business to the cloud

Receive up to 50% off with our Startup Discount Scheme

Startups are full of innovation to make the world a better place. That’s why we’re so dedicated to helping them succeed.

If your startup qualifies, you’ll automatically receive significant Startup Discounts across our range of OpsGuard services (excluding App Workshops and DevOps-as-a-Service). These discounts enable you to receive the same expert, industry-leading service and support at a price that doesn’t break the bank.

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