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Gain a thorough understanding of your current AWS & Azure environment to set yourself up for success.

Knowledge is power

After our review process, you’ll receive an Ops Review Report that details your AWS or Azure account and a list of suggested optimisations. Armed with a greater understanding of your business’ environment, architecture, service usage, billing and security, you can confidently grow your business, save on costs, or both!

Immediate cost savings on monthly fees

Watch as our Cost Optimisation suggestions save you up to 10 times the cost of your review in yearly AWS & Azure fees. We’ll find out exactly what you use, so you don’t pay for anything you don’t. And that’s just the beginning – we’ll provide a list of suggested optimisations to action, so you can keep saving, saving, saving.

Understand your business to move forward with confidence

Say no to confusing, lengthy tables littered with jargon and technical know-how. We know how important it is you understand your business, so our comprehensive report is written in a language you’ll understand.

OpsGuard saved us 35% off of our cloud costs in less than 3 days and they were able to provide significant performance enhancements. If you have an app or any workloads in the cloud I highly recommend getting one of OpsGuard’ s OpsReviews done.

Peter Wonson – Fresenius Kabi

Increase infrastructure performance while reducing overall cloud costs

We’ll spend anywhere from a couple of hours to 4 days conducting our review. What you’ll get is a detailed Account Optimisation Report which delves into each focus of the review. It provides key recommendations from each focus that will reduce your AWS spend and optimise your environment for speed and performance.


Discover exactly where you’re throwing money down the drain, and more importantly, how to make immediate and long-term cost adjustments without losing the functionality, reliability or scalability you need.


We’ll review your cloud environment to explore your security detection, data integrity and privilege management. With a detailed review of your security systems, you’ll know your systems are managed by the right people, tracking the right movements, and your data is protected.


Ensure your infrastructure is always on, performs correctly and predictively stays within budget at all times. With a server that dynamically expands and contracts, your business will stay running like clockwork at all times. We’ll also review your backup options and provide recovery planning recommendations if required.


Reviewing your performance efficiency includes checking workload requirements, performance history, scalability and your current monitoring tools. We’ll provide you with key recommendations to improve your customer experience, so you know you’re running efficiently.

Make educated decisions to better your business

Get the most out of your cloud environments with an Ops Review that highlights key recommendations in a language you understand, so you can make educated business decisions. With a ready-to-action list of enhanced security, performance, reliability and cost-savings, you can confidently set your business up for success.

What could an OpsGuard Cloud Ops Review do for your business?

Discover how much you could save on your cloud fees

Establish key improvements in performance and reliability

Ensure performance is maximised through every element of your technology

Avoid unnecessary security breaches

Effectively scale your business when and where you need it

Run appropriate server usage while staying in budget

Set up disaster recovery processes so your business is covered at all times

Learn more about how your business runs without the confusing technical jargon

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