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Cloud-based technology can be daunting, but armed with OpsGuard’s fast and secure support and management, you can save time and money with instant cost savings and ongoing reliability.

Don’t get lost in the cloud

Whether you’re running a business or a department, you’re used to being in control. Unfortunately, the unchartered territory surrounding cloud-based development has left many feeling lost.

You want to be confident your cloud-based technology is working perfectly – after all, it’s the gateway to customers, sales and ultimately, business growth. But we don’t think you should have to be an expert in cloud-based technology to be successful.

Grow your business successfully and reliably

At OpsGuard, we know your clients expect your technology to work efficiently at all times. And if it doesn’t? Well, we’re aware of the thin line every business’ reputation hangs on.

With a combined 100 years of experience, we’ve helped brands of all shapes and sizes grow successfully and reliably while saving time, money and effort. As AWS, Azure & Microsoft Certified Solutions Architects, we can architect, build, support and manage all your cloud-based technology, so you can focus on your own work.

Our Team

OpsGuard is 100% committed to empowering your, your business and your customers. With expert, fast and secure support and management, you don’t have to worry about the complexity of cloud-based technology. Someone is always online waiting to provide you with our award winning support. Simply login to your dashboard to chat!

Our Certified Solutions experts are distributed globally with members in Australia, UK, USA, Brazil and Singapore. This means your AWS services are not only monitored and protected in real-time, but support with a Certified AWS DevOps Engineer or Solutions Architect is only a keystroke away.

Meet some of the team that helps keep your environments running smoothly, so you can focus on what you do best!

Kerry Esson

Founder & CEO

Erika Johnston


Mark Beagel

Snr Guru – Solutions Architect

Mark Robinson

Snr Guru – Solutions Architect

Kimberly Burroughs

Snr Guru – Solutions Architect

Ashley R. Terrell

Snr Guru – Solutions Architect

We are proud to present you our achievements

OpsGuard is growing at an amazing rate and we couldn’t have done it without the incredible clients that trust us to manage their applications and the dedicated team that support them. Below are just some of our many achievements and we look forward to accelerating these numbers.


Applications Managed


Global Team Members
(and growing fast)


Workflows Managed


Average Client Saving

Over the next few years we will be pursuing more ambitious goals

Part of the amazing service that underpins everything we do at OpsGuard is our proprietary Artificial Intelligence EMMA. EMMA monitors your AWS environment using 100,000’s of data points in real-time. All of the automated responses to environment changes or malicious activity is initialised by EMMA before a human engineer has time to react. Over the coming years, our goal is to develop EMMA into a fully automated Cloud Guru that manages everything from monitoring to threat response and even automated build pipeline and deployment management. Welcome to the future of SysOps.

Set your business up for success

You deserve to feel confident that your business is well-architected, optimised and secure in the cloud. And as a business owner, we know how important it is to save time, money and effort without compromising performance or security.

So don’t let fear of the unknown hold you, your team or your business back. There’s no need to lose customers or reputation because of cloud-based tech. With OpsGuard’s fast and secure tech solutions, you can save precious time and money with instant cost savings and ongoing reliability!

Be part of our team

Are you an exceptional AWS Certified Engineer with a passion for cloud and client satisfaction? If so we want you as part of our OpsGuard family.

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